New Revolution in Tire Service Equipment...
Just a new concept in tire service, based on application of new mechanical engineering and revolutionary materials to the tire changer. more Information

Launched at GENEVA motor show 2006, The Ultrac Sessanta represents the summit of the high performance Ultrac series.With its low profile and wider tread, the emphasis of the design is firmly on performance. Now ,based upon the strong points of the tire, VREDESTIN has created n uncompromising SUV version for the Ultrac High Performance Segment.
Our wheels Makes your car..
Deliver your own knockout punch by making the right choice for your vehicle. Stop by your favorite tire store and ask for DEVINO by name, and start enjoying a little extra attention today.
New H107 Driving you to safe..
An Ultra high performance tire for maximum handling in wet and dry conditions . The optimal foot shape provides better handling and resistance to hydroplaning. Lug-type shoulder blocks help deliver solid cornering and handling at fast speeds.